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(+91) 0261 Short Prefix - India Reverse Landline Phone Lookup (P.7)

Landline Numbers with Area Code (+91) 0261

Information about Landline Numbers starting with (+91) 0261 ### #### | 0261#######

Information about the Area Code 0261

Given Reports for the Short Prefix 0261#######


TypeOther Scam

(+91) 02615982645

Status Unsafe

Who told us


From Location

Birmingham - GB


6 months ago

This is an Unsafe Number with Description

"Difficult to understand other than my Internet would be cut off tomorrow. So let’s wait and see."

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(+91) 02614146800

Status Safe

Who told us


From Location

Meerut - IN


8 months ago

This is a Safe Number with Description

"Known owner of this number"

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Landline Numbers (+91) 0261 ### | 95261 ### | 0261###

(+91) 0261600SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261601SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261602SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261603SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261604SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261605SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261606SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261607SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261608SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261609SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261610SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261611SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261612SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261613SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261614SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261615SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261616SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261617SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261618SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261619SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261620SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261621SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261622SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261623SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261624SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261625SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261626SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261627SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261628SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261629SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261630SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261631SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261632SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261633SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261634SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261635SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261636SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261637SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261638SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261639SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261640SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261641SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261642SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261643SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261644SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261645SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261646SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261647SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261648SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261649SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261650SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261651SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261652SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261653SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261654SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261655SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261656SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261657SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261658SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261659SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261660SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261661SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261662SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261663SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261664SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261665SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261666SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261667SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261668SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261669SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261670SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261671SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261672SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261673SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261674SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261675SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261676SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261677SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261678SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261679SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261680SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261681SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261682SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261683SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261684SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261685SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261686SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261687SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261688SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261689SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261690SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261691SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261692SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261693SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261694SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261695SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261696SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261697SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261698SuratGujarat
(+91) 0261699SuratGujarat

What does it mean if ...?

Safe Unsafe Useful

If you get a call from someone you know, or a reputable company, then it is a Safe Caller.

If someone calls you and hangs up, tries to scam or harrass you, then it is an Unsafe Caller.

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Can I make a detailed comment?

For sure mate. Please use this feature to help others. By the way, you can answer questions like:
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Comments about other calls

Number Comment
(+91) 07521995853Caller from India asked if I had an accident recently - I asked him to remove me from his database...
(+91) 07996898486Life insurance cold call.
(+91) 01611144730Rose Wilson from BT said my IP address had been switched from private to public 3 days ago and wanted...
(+91) 02085524129Am always getting calls from this number and with prefix 0203
(+91) 02008265006Scammer, just ignore...
(+91) 07393980223Call on mobile . I did not answer it , as my mobile is only used for known numbers of family and...
(+91) 02017364482Silent caller over a numbeŕ of days
(+91) 02074748490The caller said they were from Microsoft and wanted to fix a problem on my computer. I beleive it...
(+91) 07845874614Sent me a txt saying my PayPal was going to be frozen in next 36H to confirm my information or my...
(+91) 02030171367I answered the call he said my name and then said the guarantee on my washing machine had expired,...
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